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Aequilibrium in Latin means balance or perfect equality. This is the state we in Aequilibrium TCM (动衡中医) would like to help you to achieve in your health,  i.e. the balance of Yin and Yang. When the Yin and the Yang in your body is in balance, your mind, body and soul will be in harmony. Therefore you will be less susceptible to the external factors such as the invasion of viruses and bacteria. Being in equilibrium will boost your immunity and makes you looks fresher, healthier and more energetic.

Aequilibrium TCM (动衡中医)provides TCM diagnosis and treatments,  e.g. TCM General practices (internal medicine), Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Scrapping and Tuina. TCM services can be provided Home-based. Besides, we provide consultations and conduct classes in these areas e.g. TCM Basic Theory, TCM science of health preservation, and TCM nutritional Therapy. We strongly believe in early prevention.

Aequilibrium TCM (动衡中医)is committed to assist you to find your body balance , and hence lead you to more balanced health and lifestyle.