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Are you encountering problems on hair loss or gray hair? Besides acupuncture and prescription of medicine, we can also customize and prescribe herbal tea for ease of consumption.




In Traditional Chinese Medicine, kidney is considered the origin of the congenital constitution. The kidney is said to store the essence of life, in the form of Qi, blood and body fluids. When the kidney functions deteriorate, it will no longer able to contain the Qi and blood effectively. Deficiency of blood will lead to loss of hair or graying of hair, as the hair is considered the surplus of the blood.
Therefore when one prematurely experiences graying of hair and loss of hair, it is an indication that the kidney functions are deteriorating and require nourishing and replenishing of Qi and blood.

秉着这个理论,故调配了以下药茶 (可根据个人体质而加减),以达到补血活血,滋阴补肾,乌发生发之效。

Based on this principle, the combination of herbs below can be customized according to individual to help to restore the functions of kidney by replenishing Qi and blood to the body, balancing the Yin and Yang in the kidney and help to provide nutrients and return the shine to the hair.

基础茶药 Basic Herbs

1.西红花 Stigma Croci
2.茯苓丁 Poria Cocos
3.制何首乌 Prepared Fleece-flower Root
4.绞股蓝 Fiveleaf Gynostemma Herb
5.黑桑葚 Mulberry Fruit
6.枸杞子 Wolfberry Fruit
7.核桃仁 English Walnut Seed
8.黑芝麻(胡麻仁)Black Sesame Seed
9.大枣 Chinese Dates

全部材料混在一起,置进杯子或茶壶,倒入500-600毫升的沸水冲泡,15-20 分钟后即可饮用。

Mix the herbs together in a cup or jar with lid. Pour in 500-600 ml of hot water. Brew for 15-20 mins. Drink and enjoy the tea.
It can be repeatedly brewed for 2-3 times before discarding away the herbs.To make it taste more pleasant, some rock sugar can be added accordingly.
Brew 1-2 prescriptions daily. Continue for few weeks in order to see the effect of hair darkening, improved body immune system and improved quality of sleep.

* 长期饮用者,务必定期征求医生或医师的专业意见及指示。For long term consumption, please regularly seek professional advice and instructions from doctors and physician.