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We customize Herbal Teas to treat some of your symptoms. Write in or call our physicians to find out more.

We have also some ready formula that you can place order immediately.

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桑菊枸杞银花茶 – 10 teabags (minimum order) – $15

Functions – Dispel wind and heat, improve eyesight, replenish ‘Ying”



枸杞玫瑰菊花茶 – 10 teabags (minimum order) – $15

Functions – Relieve stress, calming, replenish Ying, improve eyesight



留香茶 – 10 teabags (minimum order) – $18

Functions – Dispel heat in stomach, improve appetite, freshen up badbreath



乌发补肾茶 – 10 teabags (minimum order) – $20

Functions – replenish Ying, nourish the kidney, darken graying hair